May 14, 2019

Alexis Salahutdin

  • 3.86 UW GPA/ 1300 PSAT/ top 5%
  • Worldwide
Multiple Internship Competition Research Opportunity Certification Camp Club or Organization Sports Summer Program

Whats your story? Write anything at all that you want to say

I possess 2 main attributes, optimism and realism. Being optimistic means I focus on what can be done instead of what can. This allows me to be as productive and thoughtful as possible. Being realistic means I know when things won't work out or if its time to move on to a new solution to a problem. Both of the attributes combine to help me grow and learn as a member and contributor to a global society. 

Educational Background:

Aug 2018 - May 2022 Concordia International School Shanghai (AP)

- Competitive speech and debate- ranked in the top 100 in all of China

- Founder of a non-profit and clothing startup

-avid MUN participant

- Tournament golf and tennis player

What's your dream university experience? e.g. Oxford, UK

Double major in political science/international relations and engineering then getting my degree in law
Aug 2022 - May 2026

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