Feb 21, 2019

National Taiwan Arts Education Center Competitions

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Competition Performing Arts


National Taiwan Arts Education Center is subordinated to Ministry of Education and is the national social educational institute promoting art education and cultural planning & development with the core idea establishing the interaction between human and art. This center is in charge of studying, guiding and promoting the art education; as the development of business in this center focuses on meeting the educational standard and social demands in order to coordinate with our country's innovatively educational policy, and accommodate national lifelong Nanhai Gallerylearning needs, including general art education in school, social art education and professional art education. It's expected to popularize the public's recognition, appreciation, participation and employment of art in order to upgrade the quality of life for people. The center host nationwide online creative art work contests, literature prizes, nationwide students’ picture book prizes, articles submission for art books, design for teaching of art education and innovation and research of teaching materials, etc. Information about relevant events will be posted on the public announcement system of our Center at any time.

One of the Six national competitions from National Taiwan arts education center competition for students will be held, i.e., fine art, music, creative drama, native songs coupled with the Ministry of Education’s Literary Creation Award and the National Student Picture Book Creation Award. The task will be continuously reviewed and improved. Also, promotional activities with all kinds of competition results, value-added roving exhibitions, art education seminars, workshops and concerts will be held so that educational implications can be enriched and implemented.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

high school level


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