Feb 19, 2019

EEC Environmental Learning Camp "Education for Conservation"

  • Crimson Education
  • Thailand
Camp Skill Building


Environmental Education Centre (EEC) Thailand is an organization that aims to promote a society that has the knowledge and understanding of environmental quality through participating in the protection of natural and cultural resources. Through a process called “Environmental Education”, EEC Thailand creates opportunities to develop environmental knowledge that encourages the sustainable conservation and management of natural resources. EEC Thailand teaches the importance of respecting the knowledge of local communities and the importance of local people in resource management.

EEC Camps have 3 main categories: 

  • Marine Life
    • Environmental education activities are designed to emphasize the study of ecology, environmental biology, and dimensions of management and conservation. EEC offers a wide range of activities, from beginner basics to more detailed and complex learning with academic content that is suitable for students and participants. The materials and processes are controlled by our expert scholars and important public figures whose works are notable in society. They are also a key force in driving the conservation of environment today.
  • Wild life 
    • EEC has developed environmental education programs in the field of Marine Science for students and other participants which cover marine ecosystem in all of its forms. This includes education on delivering important marine life in different areas across the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea as well as overseas marine studies. Experts and scholars in various fields act as lecturers and leaders for these activities. Furthermore, EEC is also involved with domestic and foreign public and private agencies in the conservation of marine resources by offering opportunities to join EEC in continuous operations such as leatherback sea turtle conservation, creating buoys to protect coral reefs, research studies on coral reefs, focusing on local fishermen, respecting the rights and local knowledge, or researching dugongs, whale sharks, etc.
  • CSR
    • EEC has arranged regular special events to support environmental conservation by trending, which includes long-term involvement of the public and the creation of a new generation who cares about the environment. Campaigns such as Fight with Extinction in Bangkok aim to present research findings and seek public cooperation in protecting the environment. EEC will offer opportunities for agencies to sponsor events, research studies and operations with EEC members as the main force of this collaboration with related agencies and communities.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

4-18 y/o

Time Commitment

3-5 days depend on camp

Application Deadline