Feb 19, 2019

Be a speaker - Open Space To Talk and Discuss around Thai Education Issues

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Wayha is a social enterprise in education founded and run by people whose expertise lie in creative teaching and media production. Also, the founders are motivated by experiencing pain in Thai education. Now Wayha is going to run a self-discovery workshop including student-led talk in the topic of "Thai Educational Issues". They are looking for both workshop audiences and speakers. If you are passionate about education or having any pain, here is space where your voice can be raised and listening

About Wayha here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

No age limit but participants have to be in high school


Around 80% of applicant can participate but only few are selected to be a speaker

Participation Cost

Free event, only transportation fee needed

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Just public speaking skill and passion in education

Time Commitment

1 Day workshop. Only needs a bit preparation for the speaking script

Application Deadline

20 Feb 2019

Application Process Includes

Apply here https://wayha.typeform.com/to/f6a8PU
The speakers are selected based on thier short essay in these topics:
- If you got selected, what do you want to talk about in 10 mins?
- If you had a power, what do you want to change in Thai education?
- Please let us know your pain in education