Feb 19, 2019

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TCR Summer Programs are intensive workshops in history, research, and writing that offer high school students an advisory structure in which to work on historical research projects on topics of their own choosing. Students arrive at the program with a research topic in hand that they then develop over the course of two weeks, with the end goal of writing a publication-worthy essay.

They are given the opportunity to formulate productive research questions, to find and use primary and secondary sources, to take effective notes, to examine model historical essays, to pursue various analytical and narrative writing strategies, to confront problems of structure and organization, and to contemplate the larger philosophical dilemmas associated with studying the past; they are also given individualized sessions with instructors as well as ample study time on their own in the context of a fully-equipped research library.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

High school students




Participation Cost


BOSTON day program: $3,650;Boarding program: $4,750/SEOUL Day program ($4,500)/NORMAN, OKLAHOMA (O.U.)
Day program ($3,650); Boarding program ($4,750)


Time Commitment


About 2 weeks

Application Deadline

Regular applications: though Jan 31/ Priority applicants: Nov 1 though Nov 30/

Application Process Includes

Applications must include a Transcript and a Preliminary Research Proposal.

Make sure you have a copy of your transcript to upload with your application.

Prepare your preliminary research proposal before filling out your application.