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RoboCup is an annual international robotics competition proposed and founded in 1996 (Pre-RoboCup) by a group of university professors (among which Hiroaki Kitano, Manuela M. Veloso, and Minoru Asada). The aim of such a competition consists of promoting robotics and AI research, by offering a publicly appealing, but formidable challenge.

"Competition pushes advances in technologies. What we learn from robots playing soccer or navigating a maze can be applied to industry and help us solve difficult real-world problems,” according to Professor Maurice Pagnucco, Head of the School of Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW. RoboCupJunior (RCJ) is a project-oriented educational initiative that sponsors local, regional and international robotic events for young students up through age 19. (For the participation in the International events, there is a lower age limit. RCJ is part of RoboCup. RoboCup is an international effort whose purpose is to foster Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics research by providing a standard problem where a wide range of technologies can be integrated and examined. As well, the initiative serves as a basis for project-oriented education at all levels. The ultimate goal of RoboCup is that by the middle of the 21st century, a team of fully autonomous humanoid robot soccer players shall play (and win!) a soccer game against the (human) world champions.

RoboCup 2021 will run from 22 Jun 2021 until 28 Jun 2021.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

There are different leagues. Robocup Junior for example is for students 13 to 19.



A team should have more than 1 team member. The maximum team size is 4 members for RoboCup Junior Soccer and Rescue leagues and 5 members for OnStage leagues for RoboCup Junior Sydney, 2019.



Participation Cost


Fees vary among countries and leagues.


Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Hands-on experience with electronics, hardware, and software.


Time Commitment

Different events have different levels of time commitment.


Application Deadline

Application dates for 2021 are TBA.

Application Process Includes

Any team interested in participating in RoboCup 2021 must successfully pass the league specific qualification process.

For the Junior leagues, there is no direct qualification for the international RoboCup event. Here, participating teams are selected through regional competitions for which the deadlines usually close several months earlier than for the Major leagues.