Feb 19, 2019


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Business@school is an educational initiative of the international company Boston Consulting Group. The goal is to give senior high school students a closer, hands-on look at the business over the course of one school year. In the process, participating students acquire and hone soft skills that prepare them for life after school. Each year, 1,500 students go on a research journey. They learn basic business concepts and speak with company founders and experts in their field to understand how business works, what it can accomplish, and how we all benefit from it.
Over three phases, students try their hand at business: First by analyzing a large and then a small company, and then by developing their own business idea, including a business plan.

At the end of each phase, student teams present their results to audiences at competitions where judges select the best business idea—in the third phase, at events on the regional and European level.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Senior high school students (17-18)



Each year around 1,500 students participate. Schools participate with a team. Teachers who want to assume project leadership may apply for business@school between November 1 and February 1. This is a true application, not a registration. The schools admitted to the project will receive confirmation of acceptance in March. Only then is your participation in business@school confirmed.


Participation Cost


No cost.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

No prior skillsets required. Students practice their soft skills such as teamwork and time management, helping them prepare for their life after school.

Time Commitment


Over the course of one school year, the students get a first-hand, practical taste of business.

Application Deadline

For teachers who want to assume a leadership role: November 1-February 1.

Application Process Includes

The minimum number of participants in 12 students in teams of fours to 6. The student teams meet with their teacher at least once a week to practice. Teachers are additionally supported by partner companies. The business experts from these companies share their experience.