Feb 19, 2019

The Swiss Mathematical Olympiad

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The Swiss Mathematical Olympiad (SMO) is a competition for students under the age of 20 who are interested in mathematics for more than the usual school material.

At several meetings and a camp, the participants gain insight into interesting subject areas and have the opportunity to apply their skills to demanding tasks. Mathematical Olympiads have a long tradition in many countries. Switzerland has had such an Olympiad since 2004 - with an increasing number of participants.

The SMO also serves as the selection process for the IMO team, which Switzerland can represent the following summer at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). The top six students at SMO 2019/20 will qualify for the IMO in England. The 60th edition of this competition will take place there from July 8-18, 2020.

Six other SMO participants have the opportunity to take part in the Central European Mathematical Olympiad (MEMO). This will take place in Slovakia from August 24-30, 2020. In addition, from April 15-21, Switzerland will send four students to the "European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad" in the

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