Feb 14, 2019

The New York Times Learning Network - Found Poetry Contest

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The New York Times hosts different contests every year as an essential part of its mission of “teaching and learning with The New York Times.” Via essays, editorials, political cartoons, photography, videos, poetry, podcasts or culture reviews, NYT aims to hear from teenagers around the world on the issues and ideas of the day.

Since 2018, some of our winning student work has been featured in print in a new quarterly Times education section.

2019 Found Poetry Contest:

Create a poem composed from words and phrases found in Times articles.

Please note: Our 2019 contest will differ slightly from previous contests. This time around we’ll be inviting students to submit blackout poems created from a print New York Times page. Students will photograph their submissions and can use any page of any edition of The Times in print. More details to come in April.

For more information visit the official website here.

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Extracurricular Activity

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In 2018, nearly 2,400 teenagers who entered the Ninth Annual Found Poem Contest--11 winners, 13 runner-ups, 13 Honorable Mentions

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No application fee

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Participating is easy: Just “find” some poetry in a Times article — any Times article, published at any point in our 167-year history.

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Will be updated on April 4, 2019.