Feb 10, 2019

El País de los Estudiantes

  • Crimson Education
  • Spain
Expert Career Advice Competition Skill Building


El País, the most widely-read medium in Spanish, holds an annual student journalism competition.

In groups of up to 30 and led by at least 1 teacher, students must submit a completed newspaper comprising a cover page and 2 to 5 sections of 1 to 2 pages each.

In addition to the prize to the best newspaper overall, awards are given for best reportage, interview, comic strip/illustration, photography, awareness campaign, cultural critique, videoblog and section in English.

Newspapers made up of secondary school students between 4 and 6 years away from graduation compete in a separate category with its own prize.

Success in this competition may substantiate valuable traits such as writing, research, analytical thinking and teamwork and leadership.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



1/5, enrolling

5/5, winning

Participation Cost


Costs can be expected to be handled by schools

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


This contest aims to provide students with an introductory experience to the world of journalism and concretely student journalism; no experience is required

Time Commitment


Commitment unlikely to exceed 5 hours a week on average

Application Deadline

Mid January for teachers, mid April for students

Application Process Includes

School staff must fill out application form to register; schools will follow own internal procedures in selection of participants