Mar 11, 2019

Literature Seminar (MOE)

  • Crimson Education
  • Singapore
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The Gifted Education Branch English Department organises the Literature Seminar with the aim of stimulating pupils' interest in Literature by exposing them to literary issues that are beyond normal curriculum and classroom content, and thereby enable them to enrich their knowledge of the literary discipline. 

The Literature Seminar is a one day event. Its format varies slightly from year to year to match the literary focus, which may be based on a certain theme, or a specific genre or a literary period. The following is the format that has been adopted in recent years:

Concurrent forums, lectures and workshops conducted by guest facilitators (writers, academics, critics, practitioners of the literary and performing arts).
Concurrent sessions conducted by student presenters (from the various SBGE and IP Schools).

Schools are invited early in the year to contribute literary inquiry projects for pupil presentation at the Seminar. Upon selection for presentation, teachers provide guidance to the project teams to ensure the development and achievement of literary standards in their projects.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Entry by initiation.

Participation Cost


No apparent cost to entry.

Time Commitment


The event is held over one day.

Application Process Includes

Schools are invited to attend.