Mar 11, 2019

University of Edinburgh, Pre-University Summer Course: Social Sciences

  • Crimson Education
  • United Kingdom
Multiple Summer Program


Covering subjects including Politics, Sociology, Social Policy, and Economics, the course will use the theme of Equality to explore how this topic appears in different disciplines across the area of Social Sciences.

You will have the chance to explore and stimulate your own interests in a range of topics, and to deepen your understanding of contemporary social issues. By reading the thinking across different disciplines, you will develop study skills that are both interdisciplinary and inter-textual.

The course will explore a variety of topics connected to equality: from questions of freedom, inequalities and the re-distribution of wealth to examining how social scientists investigate and answer questions about society. You will consider the approaches of key academic thinkers including J.S. Mill, Adam Smith, Isiah Berlin, and Hannah Arendt.

This course is suitable if you are in your penultimate or final year of high school (aged 16-18) and planning to attend university to study a subject in the Social Sciences. This course is also suitable for students who have not yet decided on their university study but would like a taster experience of studying at university level.

13 July - 24 July 2020


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