Feb 19, 2019

Crimson Youth Fund

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Multiple Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Other


The Crimson Youth Fund is Crimson's philanthropic arm that supports students planning a community event or project. For students or recent graduates aged 13 to 21 with great ideas for starting a project to benefit fellow students or their community, the Youth Fund provides the essential resources to bring their event or project to life. Individual events and projects can receive $150 USD to $1,500 USD of funding.

The 2019 Crimson Youth Fund Panel includes Jamie Beaton, co-founder and CEO of Crimson Education, Jessica Silcock, leading Crimson's global marketing team, and David Freed, Harvard graduate and one of the youngest acceptances to Harvard Law School at 20, as well as many other passionate and accomplished individuals.

Project leaders submit a pitch and meet outlined criteria to have their project funded. Applications are reviewed and decisions will be made regarding the project within 3 weeks of submission. Successful applicants receive allocated funds and the Project Leader must submit a case study on the project's impact within two weeks after completion to track progress.

For further information visit our official page at https://pages.crimsoneducation.org/crimsonyouthfund

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Submit a pitch and meet outlined criteria to have the project funded.

Participation Cost


No cost to apply for the submission form

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Have a project or initiative that could benefit fellow students or the community.
Submit a pitch and form to be considered for the Fund.

Time Commitment


One-off submission of application.

Application Deadline

Rolling basis

Application Process Includes

Apply online at https://pages.crimsoneducation.org/crimsonyouthfund#formblock