Mar 11, 2019

Contemporary Physics School (EFC)

  • Crimson Education
  • IFSC Institute of Physics of São Carlos - Av. Trab. São-Carlense - Parque Arnold Schimidt, São Carlos - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Workshop Research Opportunity Skill Building Summer Program


The Escola de Física Contemporânea (EFC), originally called the Advanced Physics School, is an extension activity that takes place annually at the Physics Institute of São Carlos (IFSC), part of the University of São Paulo (USP). EFC's main goal is to enable talented students to gain exposure to the world of research by coming into contact with some of the country's most prestigious research groups and understanding the importance of science and technology in developing knowledge and wealth in the country. In addition, it is intended to expose students to entrepreneurship, reinforcing the important contributions that Physics' professionals can make when engaging in research associated with the industrial sector, whether inside or outside the academic environment. After a week of lectures, lab visits and workshops, students will develop and present a science project.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



4 / 5

8 candidates apply per vacancy.

Participation Cost


BRL$ 400 registration fee.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

1 / 5

No specific technical skill is needed - students will be attending classes and workshops about Physics.

Time Commitment

3 / 5

7 days of event from July 21st to July 27th, 2019. 

Application Deadline

May 3, 2019

Application Process Includes

1. Fill in application form.
2. Send school records.