May 17, 2023

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What is Biogenesis?
Biogenesis is an International Biomedicine Olympiad that will have its second edition in 2023. It is online and 100% free. An excellent opportunity to challenge yourself globally and test your knowledge in different areas of biomedicine. Last year, we received thousands of entries from 67 countries.

Who can participate?
Anyone! 9th to 12th grade students must participate in the Standard Category and anyone else can join the Open Category.

How it works?
In Biogenesis, you can compete in up to 3 different exams:

1- Anatomy and Physiology
2- Cellular and Molecular Biology
3- Pharmacology and Toxicology

Each of the exams will have 2 phases and 15 multiple choice questions per phase. The participants with the best scores in the second phase will be awarded certificates of honorable mention, bronze, silver or gold. It is possible to earn more than one certificate if the participant obtains sufficient scores in more than one exam (eg.: gold in Anatomy and Physiology and bronze in Pharmacology and Toxicology). In addition, everyone will receive certificates of participation, regardless of the score obtained.

How to register?
There are 2 options:

1- Entries can be made individually, by the participant, through the following link: The registration form is in English, but it is possible to take the test in Portuguese, English or Spanish. Simply select your preferred language from one of the questions on the form. Make sure you select all the tests you want to take.

2- Teachers or schools that wish to register their students can choose to send a spreadsheet to the email containing the names of interested students, their respective emails and school grades. If you prefer, just get in touch with us via the mentioned email and we will provide you with a spreadsheet template that can be used to enroll students.

When will the Olympiad be?
The first phase will be available on October 8th and will be available until October 14th. The second phase will be available on November 5th and will be available until November 11th. The access information for the exams will be sent to the participants' emails days before the start of the competition.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

September 30

Age Range

All ages

Participation Cost

100% FREE