May 02, 2023

Leadership positions Bookicycle [Books, Reading, Recycling, Sustainability, AI, Marketing, Social Media, Writing, Journalism]

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Club or Organization Skill Building


Tech-innovated sustainable reading

My student Kai is based in Tokyo, and he is passionate about addressing environmental issues.

Recently, he has been conducting extensive research on recycling systems, and through these studies, he has discovered that the recycling of books is a major concern.

Despite the rise of audiobooks and online reading platforms like Kindle, the need for sustainable book recycling options remains crucial.

Bookicycle is an innovative online platform that not only encourages the recycling of books but also incorporates advanced AI technology to enhance the user experience. With Bookicycle, users can easily turn in their unused books and purchase new ones, all while actively contributing to environmental preservation efforts. 

At Bookicycle, we believe that raising awareness about the importance of recycling and sustainability is just as critical as providing a recycling platform itself. Thus, we strive to spread awareness about environmental concerns and encourage individuals to take action not only for book recycling but also for the greater good of the planet.

We’re looking for the following leadership positions in our organization to help encourage this movement:

  • Your own section [If you want to create your own section (i.e: your own podcast related to this topic, you are welcome to do it and you will have your own space in the website!]

  • Social media manager [Create the posts(images, reels, templates) for the social media, update the social media weekly]

  • Marketing strategist [Brainstorm ideas to grow the project’s social media, creating content, scripting and writing short posts.]

  • Head of publications [You will be in charge of a group of writers, create weekly content for the website(minimum 1 writing per week) ]

  • Sustainability Creators [Write articles, tips, news & videos for the website]

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