Apr 08, 2023

Sciencious STEM Research Contest (SRC) 2023

  • Sciencious Team
  • Remote
Competition Research Opportunity


What is SRC?

SRC is a global research contest that targets low-income and passionate children from K-12 who aims to cultivate strong knowledge and research foundations in various STEM fields by conducting a research project with the guidance of Sciencious team.

How does it work?

Students are able to:

  • Utilize and apply the knowledge gained in the Sciencious course with additional research
  • Propose a potential solution or technique to address unsolved problems.
  • Present the innovative research proposal in multimodal presentations (i.e. scientific report from a self-conducted experiment, PowerPoint presentations, videos, posters, etc.)
  • Gain guidance from Sciencious team of passionate students


Projects must be submitted by the end of April 2023

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline


Age Range




  • Top three winners will be invited into Sciencious for further opportunities
  • 3 Categorical Awards for the most creative, logical, and feasible projects

Participation Cost

No cost is required

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Depending on the research topic, the minimum skills needed for your projects to be successful are:

  • Presentation skills in the form of a research paper/proposal, experimental report, PowerPoint, poster, or artwork.
  • Research skills
  • Background knowledge about the topic presented. This can be learned from one of our six STEM courses!
  • Creativity and innovation

Time Commitment

Three weeks left to complete your research project!

Application Process Includes


  1. Choose your project's topic on: https://www.scienciouscomp.org/
  2. Review our project guidelines and rubrics at: https://www.scienciouscomp.org/requirements
  3. Contact us if assistance is needed
  4. Submit the project here: https://forms.gle/XZarcuoBacUZM3d28