Feb 22, 2023

Policy Creation - Mental Health (International & AUS)

  • Eudaimonia Team
  • Worldwide


If you are from a multicultural background and have lived experience with mental health, come voice your opinions and help create real, systemic change.

The event, titled "Building a More Inclusive Future: Addressing Multicultural Mental Health in Policy," is aiming to bring together policymakers, mental health professionals, and members of diverse communities to discuss the ways in which current policies impact the mental health of marginalised groups and to brainstorm potential policy changes that could improve multicultural mental health.

The event will feature panel discussions and breakout sessions for attendees to share their personal experiences and perspectives, and the need for policies that take into account the unique cultural and social factors that impact mental health in these communities. Panellists include Emily Unity (they/them) - founder of multicultural minds - and Henry Hughes (he/him) Deaflympian and Swimming NSW Youth Advisory Council Member - as well as Jacara Egan (she/her) - Indigenous Player Development Manager at Essendon Football Club.

Goal: Overall, the event is aimed at creating a space for attendees to engage in meaningful and productive conversations about how to improve multicultural mental health through policy changes and to connect with people and resources that can help bring about those changes.

Event Objectives:

  1. Engage in meaningful and productive conversations, guided by an expert panel on improving multicultural mental health through policymaking.
  2. Voice your opinions by answering questions (anonymously) through Menti.

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the event live, we have provided a form to support PM decision in future multicultural policy creation:


The form is accompanying a Victorian Cultural Diversity Event: "Building a More Inclusive Future: Addressing Multicultural Mental Health through Policy", and is sponsored by the Foundation of Young Australians (FYA). This form is designed to facilitate discussions & responses from those who are unable to participate in the virtual event, or those who want to contribute more input after the event.

The contributions you make to this form are invaluable in providing a cohesive picture of the current short fallings of policy relating to multicultural mental health in Australia, and will help shape policy discussions. You can choose which questions you want to answer, and all your answers will remain anonymous. The only reason this form asks for demographic-related questions is to ensure that you can help best shape discussions for particular groups, and that policy-makers can have the relevant information needed to act.

Thank you for helping shape multicultural mental health in Australia!

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