Mar 11, 2019

Brazilian Linguistics Olympiad (OBL)

  • Crimson Education
  • Brazil


The Olimpíada Brasileira de Linguística (OBL) is an academic competition that seeks to expose students to the study of languages and linguistics through problem-solving. The event has been held in Brazil since 2011 and each year, students compete in four phases of competition, challenging and testing their understanding of diverse languages, grammar, codes, cultures and human cognition. Students that achieve the highest medals in the national phase of the competition can progress on to participate in the International Linguistics Olympiad, held in a different country each year.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Only 60 students received medals and are invited to compete for a spot on the team that will represent Brazil in the international competition (about 8 - 10 spots).

Participation Cost


Free to participate.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Although no prior knowledge is required to sign up, students who hope to be successful in the competition must have a high-level of understanding of language and linguistics and prepare over several months.

Time Commitment


The first online phase of the competition lasts for four days, while the second, in-person phase is a one-day event. Students that qualify for the next round of competition will then participate in the week-long Escola de Linguística de Otono (ELO) training program where the students who qualify for the international competition are selected. Students progressing on to the international event will spend a week competing in July of each year.

Application Deadline

September, 2019.

Application Process Includes

Online registration (unlike most Olympiads students can sign up independently and do not need to do so through their schools). 

First phase: September, 2019.

Second Phase: October, 2019.

ELO Training Camp: April, 2020.

International Olympiad: July, 2020.


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