Feb 19, 2019

NZCT Chamber Music Contest

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The NZCT is the only nationwide chamber music contest and the longest running youth music competition in New Zealand, having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. The Contest is an iconic opportunity that encourages young musicians from all over New Zealand to perform and compose chamber music and strive towards musical excellence.

Young musicians have the opportunity to perform at District Rounds, Regional Finals, and National Finals, as well as submit original compositions for a multitude of awards. The National Finals are broadcast by Radio NZ and place young performers on a national platform to showcase their talent and develop their skills in musical performance. Contestants are judged for a number of prestigious awards, including Overall Winner, National Best Performance of a NZ Work, People's Choice Award Winners, National Original Composition Award Winners, and the Marie Vandewart Memorial Award

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Chamber music groups & composers may enter

Participation Cost


Full Price $5 to $30 NZD
Concession Price $5 to $20 NZD
Free as part of an annual subscription

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Skills in chamber music performance or composition are required.

Time Commitment


Chamber music performance and/or composition

Application Deadline

April 2020

Application Process Includes

Contest Entries open February 6, 2020.

Online entry form can be completed here: https://chambermusic.co.nz/enter-contest