Oct 25, 2022


  • Mirko Farruggia
  • Remote
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership


With mental health problems being a ubiquitous issue in society, an increasing amount of mental health resources are being created, as well as an increasing amount of research being done in this field. However, most often these resources are inaccessible due to language barriers - as they are predominantly available in English - hence diminishing their effectiveness and reach. 


This is why we are looking for global / language leads and translators to join our team - Eudaimonia - in democratising mental health research and resources. 


Global / Language Leads - Will be in charge of representing a certain region / language and spearheading language-specific initiatives, as well as coordinating all translators that fall under that specific language. 


Translators - In charge of translating specific materials into / from your native / fluent language.


Leadership Team - Be a part of the team that is leading the Eudaimonia Initiative. 


Social Media Team - Lead and be a part of the social media front of the initiative. This may involve social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as being in charge of our website.  

Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Age Range