Oct 20, 2022

Leadership opportunities at MisUnderstood [Podcast, Social Justice, Writer, Social Media, Arts, Writers, Diversity, Community, Articles, Literature, Identity, Culture]

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Certification Performing Arts Club or Organization Skill Building Other


My student, Khumo Kumalo from South Africa, the founder of Mis-understood, is a passionate spokesperson for all things which have felt out of place.

While being vocal on many key issues around social justice, identities, and politics. he hopes to be a person who provides a platform for others to be heard and speak about their unique story.

Misunderstood is a community that looks to provide a space for all those who have felt misunderstood, but have been left without a platform to express themselves in ways they feel comfortable and understand.

It allows individuals from the community to publish opinion pieces, literature, and art they have produced. With the hope of unpacking and integrating the different ways of being understood. Finally, it has a podcast platform that tries to talk about all aspects of our daily lives. Unpack what it really means to be misunderstood. 

We are looking for motivated people to express themselves and their communities through MisUnderstood.

We offer volunteering certificate for people who volunteer with us for a minimum of 2 months and you can show this experience in your LinkedIn Profile (Find us as Misunderstood_org)


  • Co-host leader (Take initiative to create and organize content such as podcast about social issues, diversity, youth empowerment, social justice, etc…)
  • Podcast Guest (Do you have a particular topic you would like to talk about in our podcast? You are welcome!)
  • Columnist (Lead the writer's team, publish articles on the website, create content for the website (articles/resources))
  • Writers (Write at least 2 articles per month related to social issues, diversity, youth empowerment, social justice, etc…)
  • Social media manager (Manage/create all the content on social media, create social media campaigns to grow our social media, ensure constant engagement, and maintain Mis-understood community)

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