Oct 07, 2022

ThinkSTEM Social Media Team

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Join the Social Media Team of ThinkSTEM today! At ThinkSTEM, we strive to close to opportunity gap in STEM, while providing engaging opportunities to disadvantaged youth! Apply today as a social media manager, content creator, or designer! 

Social media manager position expectations:

  • Manage posting schedules

  • Attend executive board meetings with the CEOs

  • Lead monthly team meetings to ensure maximum productivity

  • Bring ThinkSTEM’s brand theme to our social media

Content creator position expectations:

  • Create detailed and organized posts on Instagram through Canva, informative tweets on Twitter, and the content on other social media platforms.

  • Work alongside the social media designer & social media director.

  • Communicate frequently with other members of the social media team to exchange content ideas and suggestions.

  • Attend weekly team meetings.

Designer position expectations:

  • Work with the social media director to maintain the visual appeal of our social media platforms.

  • Design eye-catching stickers, images, and more that will attract social media users. Designers ensure that ThinkSTEM’s social media content aligns with desired visuals and reflects the organization’s brand and mission.

  • Communicating and working with the content creators and social media director during weekly team meetings.

  • Attend weekly team meetings.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

All year round!

Age Range


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

While there are no minimum skills required, knowledge and experience in the area is a plus! All members will have to be able to collaborate with others and put in the effort to help the organization expand.

Time Commitment

Social Media Manager: 4-5 hours per week

Content Creator: 2-3 hours per week 

Designer: 2 hours per week 

Application Process Includes

  1. Explore our social media platforms and get to know our initiatives and the creative methods we use to communicate them.
  2. Send in your application with the link provided to your chosen position
  3. Our staff will get back to you after 7 days of submission. In the meanwhile, begin experimenting with designs and any ideas you have for future posts. Some of our more competitive positions may require interviews, so be on the watch to hear back from us

Instagram: @thinksteminc

Twitter: @thinksteminc