Oct 04, 2022

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Hello! I have an opportunity for any students/individuals that are interested in pursing a role in our team. We are Prisit, a youth organization aimed to bring free graphic design services to individuals/organizations, such as students, non profits, and businesses. If you want more details about our services or how we run, here is our linktree. It includes all the necessary information! https://linktr.ee/prisit.design

In the linktree, there is also a application link for anyone interested in a position on our Prisit Team. We are currently looking to recruit:

- 15 more graphic designers 
- 3 more business managers 
- 5 more website designers 
- 2 more video animators
- 8 more outreachers 
- 8 more advertisers 
- 1 director of communication

A brief overview on the position can be founded below. For more infomation, click on our linktree and select the "Apply!" Tab. It will bring you to a google document that will go more in depth about each individual role!

Graphic Designer: Designs Digital Art such as instagram posts, posters, logos, for both clients and the Prisit Social Media

Business Manager: Organizes all of Prisit's work, updates CEOS, checks in on teams, etc.

Website Designer: Produces and Designs websites for clients

Video Animator: Produces videos/reels for clients

Outreachers: Finds beneficial partnerships with other initiatives

Advertiser: Advertise our events, our services, and our application process to the public 

Director of Comms: Head of the Communications Team, Manages all outreachers

**Keep in mind this is not a paid opportunity, as we do not make profit as a youth organization**

(If you are open to working with us as a potential partnership, please DM me! If you are interested in our services and want to work with us as a client, click the "Request Your Prisit Service" on the linktree. DM me for any questions!)

BTW: We are not a registered non profit yet, however if you plan to stick with us until we do get registered (planned for next year) we will more likely offer you a leadership position and would be able to verify volunteer hours!

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline


Age Range


Time Commitment

1-2 Hours a Week

Application Process Includes

Click the Linktree and submit your application using the "Apply Here" Tab!