Oct 01, 2022

Leadership positions at Invest Smart [Invest, Finance, Social Media, Instagram, Tiktok, Content Creators, Creative]

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Certification Club or Organization Skill Building Other


My student Michael, a high school sophomore in California, has realized that he has never been taught anything about money management or investing over the years.

We believe there is a flaw in our educational system, and we are trying to fix it by creating an educational platform InvestSmart.me that teaches high school students the values and fundamentals of investing.

To continue to develop this dream, we are looking for a few select candidates who are able to properly demonstrate their leadership qualities and work hard to achieve this goal.

We are looking for students who would be interested in being the head of social media and have the knowledge and capacity to maintain a social media site and forward the project through distinct channels to spread awareness and build a user base.

You can get a certificate of volunteering from the project, and you can also add your experience to your LinkedIn profile.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

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Time Commitment

2 months

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