Mar 10, 2019

Blueprint’s UCLA Pre-College Program

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  • UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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CAN UCLA BE THE RIGHT SCHOOL FOR YOUR TEENAGER? California residents can save money by choosing in-state schools, but college is still a big investment. Even with in-state tuition, the full cost of 4 years of UCLA will run upwards of $136,188. Choosing the right university has never been a bigger decision for high school students. Blueprint Summer Programs helps California students experience life on the UCLA campus while still in high school, so they can make the right college choice.

Why California Students Choose Blueprint’s UCLA Pre-College Program?

Is your high school student trying to decide between UCLA and Berkeley or UCLA and USC? Which school will be better for them academically and socially? Blueprint Summer Programs helps California high school students find out if UCLA is the right choice. Blueprint students live in a dorm on the UCLA campus while taking a custom summer course designed to help high rising 9th through 12th graders to get college and career ready while exploring an area of study they are interested in. Blueprint is fun too! Students in our pre-college program at UCLA make friends from all over the world while enjoying fun activities and trips.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



X/5 = 2

Each applicant is required to pay the tuition fee and complete an application. However most if not all applicants are accepted as long as they apply and pay the fees on time. It is better to apply as early as possible however because the programs do sell out. This program is a fantastic way to explore campuses a student might be interested in and experience what University life will really be like. 

Participation Cost

X/5 = 4 

This experience generally costs $3299.00 for a one week program and $4699.00 for a two-week program not including some food, transportation, and additional weekend activities. 

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

X/5 = 3

The program is focused on college-level courses so the courses will be more of a challenge than what high school students are used to. Students who have participated in this program before have said that the summer courses were challenging. The positive aspects of the program are each student can pick specific areas to study and the program does not involve homework or additional tasks in the evening. 

Time Commitment

X/5 = 2 

Each interested participant needs to complete an application and then commit to the program. However, since the program is only one or two weeks long it isn't a huge time commitment overall.

Application Deadline

Ongoing until each program is filled

Application Process Includes

Select Campus and Program the student is most interested in

Complete online registration

Pay a $500.00 deposit. This deposit is refundable up until a certain date


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