Mar 10, 2019

Small Academy of Sciences “Intellect of the Future"

  • Crimson Education
  • Obninsk, Russia
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The All-Russian Children's Public Organization “Public Small Academy of Sciences“ Intellect of the Future is an independent, children's scientific creative public organization that unites children and young people, children's and youth associations in the territory of most constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Was created in 1984 initially as the Obninsk Scientific Society of Students, then since 1995 as the Interregional Children's Scientific Creative Public Organization (DTNO) “Intellect of the Future”, since 2006 it has become All-Russian, adding to title "Small Academy of Sciences."

Intel "Future Intellect" implements a number of All-Russian educational projects, holds All-Russian and international conferences, also engages in publishing activities, trains teachers through full-time and distance education courses. Among the projects of the Academy:
- All-Russian Philological School (Finland, Sweden);
- All-Russian Distance Scientists School;
- Remote school "COMPUTER XXI".
- The Presidium of the Central Council of the organization is located in the city of Obninsk.

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