Aug 13, 2022


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Hello! My name is Amber and I am a founder of Prisit. I am here to ask if any organizations/businesses are interested in our services!

Prisit is a student-formed organization, founded by two teenage girls. We provide services relating graphic design to the public, all for free. These services are to help organizations or businesses that may be new or low on money. Through our projects, we are able to connect through design, which is our mission statement.

Although we are a fairly new organization, we already have had a handful of clients. We want to grow our organization farther and help many more initiatives that are in seek of design services. We do a variety of services, and here are what we have so far - Logo Designs (Most Popular) - Website Development - Social Media Posts - Custom Designs (Such as videos, poster designs, etc.) If you want more information on our organization alone, please view these links!

This is our Instagram:

This is our Website:

Since we run on discord, we have our own server where people can apply and staff can communicate! Also, we take clients on there too. (Unless you are planning to be a long term client at Prisit, it is not mandatory to join the discord)

Here is our discord server link:

If you are interested in us, please email us at

We hope to see you there! 

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