Feb 19, 2019

Russian AI Cup

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  • Russia
Multiple Competition


Russian AI Cup is an open competition in artificial intelligence programming. Try your hand at programming a game strategy! It's easy, visual and fun! The championship of the seventh Russian AI Cup is called CodeBall. You have to program artificial intelligence to control a large number of equipment. Your strategies will compete in the Sandbox and Championship. You can use any of the programming languages: C ++, Java, C #, Python, Rust, Kotlin or Ruby. The sandbox is already open. Good luck! Both novice programmers, students, schoolchildren and professionals are invited to participate in the competition. Write your strategy is quite simple: enough basic programming skills.


For more information visit the official website at  http://russianaicup.ru/

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




It's open AI competition (olympiad) for everyone, though finals competitiveness is very rough

Participation Cost



Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Serious training required for best placement

Time Commitment


Regular training recommended

Application Deadline

9th of February

Application Process Includes

Sign up and submit basic project strategy 

Deadlines notes

Sandbox: from December 17 to February 9 is open to all comers; The first and fourth weeks will be held in beta testing mode, during these periods unstable system operation and significant changes in the rules are possible. Round 1: January 11th. Round 2: January 26th. Final: February 2


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