Mar 10, 2019

The University for Children in Polytechnic Museum

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  • Russia
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The project of the Polytechnic Museum admitting students of 7–14 years old. Researchers and science popularizers give lectures, conduct practical training and laboratory work, introducing the young audiences to the elements of real science.
It's a place where scientists and specialists come to tell about complex things in simple and intriguing way.
The Science Labs is hands-on training in biology, mathematics, robotics, chemistry, physics and automotive design. The program includes school classes, clubs, single workshops, scientific researches and experiments, conducted by young practicing scientists

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Anyone can participate

Participation Cost


230 USD per 1 year

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


no prior knowledge required

Time Commitment


1 time per week

Application Deadline

Early on September and the middle of January

Application Process Includes

Online form on


Youtube Video