Jul 02, 2022

Member positions for MENTIS

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Internship Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Club or Organization


Member positions for MENTIS, an NGO aimed to help teenagers with mental health problems. We seek to help teenagers manage their mental health issues, normalize their treatment, and make it more accessible for those in need of it.

We are looking for motivated teenagers (14-17) who want to create an impact in their community and are passionate about mental health!
Join a team of like-minded people, and help MENTIS help others!
Member positions are open for the following roles
- Designers 
- Media Producers 
- Writers 
- Researchers 
- Ambassadors 
- Outreach members

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline


Age Range




Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Good teamwork skills and the ability to meet deadlines while working alone.

Time Commitment

1-3 hours per week(Depends on position)

Application Process Includes

Email mentisgeneral@gmail.com along with your resume and/or previous experiences. We will schedule a short interview with some questions for you to know more.