Jun 27, 2022

Graphic Designers NEEDED

  • Amber Lin
  • Remote
Internship Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Club or Organization Skill Building Other


Hi Everyone! We are Prisit. Let us introduce ourselves to all of you!

Prisit is a student-formed organization, founded by two teenage girls. We provide services relating graphic design to the public, all for free. These services are to help organizations or businesses that may be new or low on money. Through our projects, we are able to connect through design, which is our mission statement. However, we need to find talented graphic designers and business-minded marketers to help spread our mission and our initiative!

If you want to learn more about Prisit, check out our website!  https://prisitinquiry.wixsite.com/website

We truly believe that there are so many talented people out there that are willing to help us! Here are the individual roles, their requirements, obligations, and benefits! Please scroll down if you are interested in being a part of the Prisit Team! 

Here are our links for application. Although they are on the top, please read the information about each team below before you send an application!

Here is our discord. You must be in it to apply


Here is our Instagram. You must follow it to apply


Here is our application form. You must compete the form to progress into the next section of the application process


Graphic Design Team


  • Must have a graphic design platform (ex. Canva, Adobe, etc.)
  • Must have access to discord!
  • Must be able to send designs in any format to clients (ex. PDF, JPG, whatever the client prefers)
  • Must have good creativity skills and graphic design skills (you will be tested on this if you want to apply)
  • Must be able to be flexible with design (clients may include color palettes, etc.)
  • Must make an estimated time taken for a project then complete the project in on time
  • Know the fundamentals of graphic design


  • Design social media posts, make videos for tiktok
  • Design client requests, such as logos, photo editing, build websites, custom designs
  • Host the live graphic design workshops, be able to teach others how to design!
  • Be active on our staff discord
  • Report to the Marketing Team whenever you have questions for the clients. Be ready when the Marketing team sets you up with a client


  • You will be an official member on our team. We will need a picture of your face and a short description of you, so we can put that on our website to showcase that you are a member of Prist!
  • Great for applications to show you hold experience (Job applications, college applications, etc.)
  • Great way to explore your interests
  • Flexible - we are virtual

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline


Age Range


Time Commitment

2+ Hours a Week