Apr 29, 2022


  • Scott Liu
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My name is Scott, and I am an injured athlete. My lowest points in my life were defined by my knee injury, which made me physically immobile for months.
As a result, I founded Project Convalescence, an organization which seeks to mentally and physically aid injured student athletes. We seek to publish biweekly or weekly blogs so as to create a community whereby injured athletes share their stories in handling injuries as well as bonding through this platform.
If you are injured, I am sure you know how bad it feels. Helping one another by sharing our stories would be the least that we can do. As such, please do consider filling in this form, if you have a story that you would like to tell.
If you have friends who are injured as well due to sports, feel free to share the link to them. Knowing that others have gone through the same pain as you is powerful for recovery.
If you want to see the content, the website link is: https://www.projectconvalescence.com/
Currently, it has over 500 views from hundreds of individuals hailing from 20 different countries. 
For any queries, please email scottliu130803@gmail.com

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