Mar 10, 2019

National Green Schools Society (NGSS)

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The National Green Schools Society is an organization that empowers students to push sustainable practices through project-based initiatives. NGSS works to enable students to use STEM to create solutions and implement initiatives in their school and in their community through capstone projects. By doing this NGSS aims to create Green Leaders for the future. NGSS is led by

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Anyone can join NGSS, however, you only be recognized for your projects and initiatives by tracking your time, efforts and successes directly with NGSS. Incorporating NGSS as a part of your school can be done in a class, as a club or on an individual level.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

A drive for STEM and the environment combined with an ability to execute a plan that shows impact in the community is all that is required for recognition by the NGSS.

Time Commitment

There is no required time commitment for this extracurricular project. It is a self-driven initiative that allows you to receive recognition for your achievements if they deserve recognition. 

Application Deadline

For recognition: the end of April.

Application Process Includes

1) Submission of an application form

2) Continuation or start of an environmentally impactful project following the NGSS guidelines and criteria

3) Tracking of time commitment

4) Submission of achievement/project by end of April