Apr 20, 2022

Money Minds Executive Board

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Money Minds is a student-led organization which aims to provide students with the essential knowledge and skills in order to financially prepare them for adulthood. Through social media content, blog posts, and free resources, Money Minds intends to educate students' on personal finance topics such as saving, budgeting, building credit, debit vs. credit cards, student loans, mortgages, assets. vs liabilities, saving for retirement, investing, and more! 

At Money Minds, we are looking for passionate individuals with an interest in personal finance to join our team! From creating social media content to writing blog posts, there are plenty of ways to become involved and further develop your passion for personal finance while also helping others do the same! 

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Social Media Content Creator: 


  • Researching a financial topic 
  • Designing slides and graphics on that financial topic which will be posted on our official instagram page


  • Must be comfortable using designing apps such as Canva or Figma 
  • Must have proper spelling and grammar skills
  • Time commitment of approx 4-6 months

Blog Writer:    


  • Researching a financial topic (of your choice)
  • Writing a blog post on that financial topic which will be posted on our official website 


  • Must use reputable sites when conducting financial research 
  • Must cite resources at the end of blog 
  • Must have excellent grammar and spelling skills 
  • Time commitment of approx 4-6 months 



  • Reviewing blogs written by our blog team 
  • Reviewing social media posts by our social media team 
  • Making the appropriate changes (punctuation, capitalization, spelling, flow, etc.) 


  • Must have proper grammar and spelling skills 
  • Use constructive criticism when editing blogs or posts