Apr 14, 2022

Rise For Lives Volunteer Opportunity

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Rise For Lives aims to encourage our national community to work together in a united, educated, and harmonious way for global peace - promoting resolution discussions amongst students worldwide. Through direct action and education on humanitarian affairs we aspire to create a peaceful world for our future generations.

We have been fundraising in schools since our inception. Since then we’ve expanded to 10+ cities around Aotearoa and counting. In 2022 we’re resuming student outreach by organising school communities and clubs dedicated to justice and peace in alignment with our goals. In March of 2021 we were amplified by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Yemen where our successes in the coordination of 10+ national events were recognised.

This year, we're coordinating a peace deal aimed at finding effective solutions to assist in restoring peace in Ukraine. It will be presented to various representatives worldwide, with the hopes that the solutions documented in our peace deal will help world leaders implement more effective procedures. Our solutions are consultation based, we will speak to organisations, policy makers, and other peace professionals. 

We're looking for passionate young people to support campaigns just like this one! 

Roles are open in our social media, research, blog writing, coordination, recruitment, and peace deal teams. We encourage you to apply even if you don't have experience in these areas, but we do look for especially passionate people who care about global peace. 

We also look for student coordinators who can work on behalf of Rise For Lives within their schools. If you're interested in hosting a fundraising of campaign-like event, this may be for you too.

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