Apr 03, 2022

Join the Athena Society Leadership Team!

  • Fida Ancy
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Club or Organization


Do you aspire to pursue your future career in STEM? Are you a science enthusiast looking for a way to put your creativity and leadership to use? Then the Athena Society is the perfect match for you!

The Athena Society is an international youth organization dedicated to educating students on STEM. We aim to provide STEM-based education to middle and high-school students around the world, and bring today’s generation closer to science and technology.

Our mission is to cultivate curiosity in the minds of students, and ignite their passion for science. We recognize the importance of ethics and interpersonal skills in our future science professionals, and aim to help students explore the same. Our idea is to introduce students to diverse pathways in STEM and aid them in exploring their fields of interest.

We are working to increase STEM opportunities for students by gathering resources, providing mentorship and assisting them in their path to becoming true science professionals.

Available Positions:

1. Director of Event Coordination

2. Director of Marketing and Outreach

3. Director of Research and Development

4. Director of Writing

5. Director of Technology

6. Director of Graphic Design

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

16 April 2022

Age Range



Open to everyone

Slightly competitive

Time Commitment

3-5 hours per week (Can vary)

Application Process Includes

Written application submission