Mar 26, 2022

Blog Writers Wanted!

  • Vita
  • Remote
Club or Organization Skill Building


Vita is looking for blog writers to advance our mission to a greater audience through writing about topics they are passionate about. 

Vita is a youth organization focused on educating people about the connection between health and the environment. We plan to host many webinars and informational posts in the future on this! 


Instagram: @vita_healthandenvironment


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Up to college aged

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Be able to type and use the comments feature on Google Docs for accepting or declining edits by our blog team. Know how to research and find materials on your topic. 

Time Commitment

Blog writer is a very flexible position. Eventually, we hope to create a tentative schedule for the overall team, but we believe that passion and good writing cannot be rushed, even less so passion in good writing. 

Application Process Includes

Blog writers typically sign on as a member and are typically the first to know about any updates, unless a board member position opens up, which they will be the first to know of.