Mar 12, 2022

Volunteer / Leadership Opportunity at The Hope Relief and Orphans Village [Leadership, Marketing, Teaching, Languages, Arts, Economics, Business, Entrepreneurship, Math, Science, Programming]

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Certification Performing Arts Club or Organization Skill Building


  • Who we are?

 The Hope Relief and Orphans Village is an NGO that aims to promote life skills and social accountability among community concern child development relations to enhance the realization of their goals through child clubs training workshops conferences, services as children dinner (Christmas, Easter), clothes, shoes, school fees, food, health insurance, and EDUCATION

  • Vision

To become a Strong, Vibrant, and Coordinated Organization working in partnership to empower orphan and most vulnerable children.


  • Mission

Committed to bringing behavior change and build responsible, where the orphan and most vulnerable children will be provided services.

  • What we are looking for?

In our organization we have approximately 50 orphaned children and 100 underprivileged children coming every Wednesday and Saturday (9 am-9 pm Tanzania time) where we sometimes enjoy meals together, learning, playing, etc.

that's why we offer 2 types of positions in our organization:

1. "front-end" volunteer: this volunteer will be in charge of interacting with the children, teaching them different kinds of subjects useful for life (more information in "Competitiveness")

2. "back-end" volunteer: this type of volunteer will be in charge of the development of the organization without necessarily teaching or interacting with the children, here we will look for volunteers focused on different areas to help develop projects within the organization (more information in "Competitiveness").

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



The average age of our children is between 9 and 14 years old)

1. For volunteers interested in teaching, these are the main subjects that our children want to learn, however, if you are interested in teaching something different, you are welcome.

Remember that for this activity we only have children on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 9 pm Tanzania Time (GMT+3):

-Arts  (high need)
-Computer Skills (high need)
-Science (Biology, chemistry, and physics.)
-Math  (high need)
-Languages (English, Japanese, French,  Portuguese, and Spanish)  (high need)
-Social science (history, international relationships, geopolitics)
-Entrepreneurship and business  (high need)
-Personal finance (how to manage your money)
-Life skills (how to have a strong mindset, soft skills for life and be a better person, etc)  (high need)

2. For volunteers interested in project development, these are the possible positions, however, if you have any other skills or interests in which you could participate, you are welcome to do so.

-Fundraising (Raise funds for our children, we only have 1 computer for all of our organization (high need)

-Marketing manager  (high need)

-Web development  (high need)

-Social media creator  (high need)

-Consulting (analysis and brainstorming to improve our project and make it more sustainable)

-Public relationship coordinator (looking for sponsorship and become more publicly recognized)

Participation Cost


Time Commitment

Work at least 2 hours per week and be willing to participate and help.

Application Process Includes

Fill out the google form


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