Feb 26, 2022

Stantier Architecture Contest

  • Gabriela Stantier
  • Worldwide
Multiple Competition Performing Arts


Stantier Architecture Contest is looking for motivated and enthusiastic students.

The aim of this competition is to encourage students to design solutions for issues that plague the world and mankind. The problem can be of any nature ranging from design problems to environmental problems. You have no constraints as to what you can design or redesign, it can be a product, a building, a space, a neighborhood, a city, or even a new type of technology.  So what are you waiting for? Join us now! 

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

8 May.

Age Range



Have skills in drawing, painting, sculpting, using architectural softwares.

The candidate must send everything about their work including: drafts, sketches, ideas, explanation of their choices, and send me their final result and explain why they chose to design it that way.

Participation Cost

No cost.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Sculpting, using architectural softwares, be artistic.

Application Process Includes

Everyone can participate, after you have finished your work, send it to the leader’s email: Gabriela Stantier, xgabrielao@icloud.com.

The winner will be posted on 7th may and every candidate will receive a link with the results.