Feb 21, 2022


  • International Model United Nations (IMUN)
  • Remote
Competition Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Certification Club or Organization Skill Building


International MUN online conference is a 2-day model UN conference where participants from around the world present solutions to global issues. They can choose topics of their choices in every conference. In a 2-day conference, they research about the topics, debate, network with other participants from different countries etc.

Participants also get study materials, free training sessions, experts QnA and position paper submissions. At the end of the conference, all participants receive participation certificates recognised by the Australian embassy and the United Nations. The best participants receive two certificates, one is participation certificate and another is award certificate.

Links where you can learn more about Model United Nations:
1. Model UN to the Real UN: https://www.un.org/en/model-united-nations/model-un-real-un 
2. How MUN helps in your future: https://www.mindler.com/blog/advantages-and-benefits-of-mun/#:~:text=Preparing%20and%20participating%20in%20a,%2C%20conflict%20resolution%2C%20and%20cooperation 

The Taliban have swept back to power and dealing with them is the reality for Afghan women and girls. Afghan women find themselves in the untenable position of looking for help to the “international community.” Now that the Taliban are back, what does that mean for women's rights? At IMUN Online Conference 98.0, IMUN looks for the efforts needed to eliminate women's rights violations in Afghanistan.
This special edition of IMUN also focusses to achieve mental health action plan and quality education through its UN Women & WHO committees. IMUN also looks at attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) of gender equality and addressing the issue of child marriage & teenage pregnancy.
Register now for an action-packed IMUN 98.0 where your ideas can change the world. You wouldn't want to miss this! Seats are limited so book now to avoid waitlisting. International MUN is supported by the UNHCR India and has been previously sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Thailand and Vietnam as well as by the UNDP in Vietnam. Join us and help bring the global flavour of IMUN to everyone!
The best part? All participating delegates get professional IMUN participation certificates. Top performers also get special recognition  These certificates are online friendly so you can easily display them on your LinkedIn profiles or attach them to your resume or higher studies applications
Limited seats, apply now
Dates: February 26th-27th, 2022

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

February 24th 2022

Age Range




Participation Cost

$11 USD or $799 IRN

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

English language skills

Time Commitment

Two or  1 day committee sessions

One weekend

Application Process Includes

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