Feb 09, 2022

Help us to change the world - Tanzania Initiatives for Community Resilience- [Leadership, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agriculture, Engineering, English, STEM, Equality, Women Empowerment, Business, Economics, Development]

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Certification Club or Organization Skill Building



We are Tanzania Initiatives for Community Resilience; a Non – Governmental organization that started to operate in Tanzania in 2015 in Mwanga District in the Kilimanjaro region. It started as a community help group and its main activities were to do with women and youth capacity building, VICOBA training, and skills training. In 2016 we received funds from Korean Hope Foundation and we were able to build a community school in the Maasai community in Same and Mwanga District Kilimanjaro Region. The project was 100% successful and children were able to be enrolled in the school.   In 2019 the organization was officially registered under the non-Governmental organization act, 2002 with registration No. OONGO/R/0119.  Present the organization operates in several areas in Tanzania with several projects on women economic empowerment, health especial Maternal education to Maasai community, environment conservation, economic empowerment, education, skills training, and lively hood. 

TICR focus on creating adaptive capacity of the individual, communities, societies, organization, cooperations, social-economical system to work together for community transformation.  We would like to be part of the solution to the Tanzanian community working together as a team for sustainable development. 


The Organization envisions to create and innovate solutions for community resilience. 


Initiate change for social-cultural, economic, and environmental transformation through researching, organizing, innovation, and skills development for community sustainability in Tanzania. 


  1. We have documents to feed on the website. Fistula project and Maasai girls’ education program 
  2. Safari website create/improve website 
  3. Teaching Graphic designing, branding, marketing, and sales. 
  4.  Website design (also Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) 
  5. Advertisement and fundraising 
  6. Teaching language, English, French, Swahili, etc 

Currently, we have several projects across Tanzania(You can participate in any of them)

  1. Fistula project.   We are working to raise awareness in the community so that they can understand the problem and come out of ignorance of it and decide to go for the treatment. 
  2. Maasai education project: for years Maasai community are not aware of education as they used to feed themselves in the bosh while ending the cows. Currently, with environmental change and technology young girls and women struggle for life due to changes in the situation. 
  3. Environment conservation project. We join the global to work for environmental conservation to save the earth. 
  4. Fundraising activities. We have many projects to work on but we have a shortage of funds. We believe that. 
  5. Teaching activities and exchange programs. We have several teaching classes teaching English, graphics design and entrepreneurship.   


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Our works 

  • Empowerment of the community towards knowledge, skills, and learning. 
  • Realizing the potential resources in the community and using them for their own development.  
  • Livelihood 
  • Ecological resilience 
  • Information and community-based knowledge are in responding to social disasters.
  • Transformation 
  • Gender equality 
  • Health 
  • Environmental conservation and lifestyle 
  • Education and economy 
  • Collective action 
  • Social infrastructures  
  • Economic empowerment

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Work in a team, help to improve the world with small changes, and willingness to learn.

Time Commitment

MINIMUM 3-5h a week for 2 months (otherwise won't get a certificate)

Application Process Includes

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