Jan 21, 2022

Research Volunteer

  • Catherine Bormotko
  • Remote
University Selection Internship Workshop Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Club or Organization Skill Building Other


Our purpose at All-Girls Pad is to assist women and girls who cannot afford or require more pads. We make eco-friendly, reusable cotton and towel pads by hand. We ship them through cooperating with a number of non-profit organizations that work closely with our target audience. Our group consists of all women who are in charge of manufacturing, production, educating others about the problems women deal with, and inspiring others to join us in making a difference.

Writer/Editor of Content: Your task is to submit articles regarding females once a month, whether they are about their rights, news, what 'All Girls Pad' has accomplished, and so on.

Head of communications: In charge of coordinating and maintaining communications with the media, peers, tasks, other non-profits, and excel orders.

Head of media: In charge of developing advertisements, posters, announcements, social media, and new media material for websites as well as various communities such as schools.

Research Volunteer: You'll be in charge with the creator of the organization to think of ways how to obtain materials, help other members with extensive research on different countries, etc.

Sewing Volunteer: You have to know how to sew! You will be one of the many volunteers that help sew our pads or be in charge of collecting the material within your region.

To APPLY: email - catherine.bormotko@gmail.com

Include why you would be an asset to the team and what skills you obtain.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

No deadlines

Age Range



Must apply and get through online interviews to get in. Only a certain amount of people get in.

Participation Cost

No cost

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

- Writing in English

- Basic knowledge on social media and how to use it

- Commitment 

- Excel/Google Sheets (if you're applying for head of communications)

Time Commitment

Once to three times a month.

Application Process Includes

To APPLY: email - catherine.bormotko@gmail.com

Include why you would be an asset to the team and what skills you obtain.

If you're applying for the writing position include an article about females that you wrote.