Jan 01, 2022

STEM Extension Opportunity! Global Student STEM Conferences

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Hey 6th Formers! I am working for Global Student STEM Conferences (brief description below) and we are hosting a free experience for STEM students to be exposed to the frontiers of STEM research and entrepreneurship in February 2022 and interact with top professionals in the field! We hope this can be a helpful, free resource for all 6th formers here to demonstrate your interest in your field or to find a starting point for research!

Check out our website at https://global-stem.org/

Register for free and without email verification at https://forms.office.com/r/WmjssuPi0N

We are Global Student STEM Conferences, a student initiative with debates, talks, competitions and resources surrounding our virtual conferences to not only to provide a unique experience with the frontiers of STEM, but also to provide a platform for people to share their own STEM research, entrepreneurship experiences, and projects. We hope that everyone here can take something away from the conference, whether that is an understanding of a new area of STEM, or a motivation and inspiration to start your own project, company, or research. This year we have worked with the Federation of British International Schools in Asia and were joined by speakers from places like CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), Oxford, and the International Youth Neuroscience Association to bring a successful conference to hundreds of attendees all over the world – across every continent (except Antarctica) and from over 28 different countries! We are excited to expand our conference to provide even greater opportunities!

Feel free to contact info@global-stem.org for more info

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