Mar 03, 2019

F1 in Schools [REA Foundation]

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Competition Skill Building


The F1 in Schools STEM Challenge™ is the world’s foremost student competition for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, making it one of the most holistic STEM program in the nation.

Established in 2003, F1 in Schools STEM Challenge is multi-faceted and multi-disciplined. It is about much more than cars, although the idea of being involved in car design has proved to be a powerful means of attracting even the most uninitiated students to discovering more about STEM. Each year more than 17,000 schools in 44 nations take on the challenge of developing the world’s fastest miniature F1 car. In Australia, approximately 22,000 students are involved each year with over ten times that being exposed to the program and having access to the same classroom technology used by the students to design and build their cars.

Mimicking the world of a Formula One team, groups of students have to follow a pathway of engineering and manufacturing disciplines: design, analyse, test, make and race. They are provided with access to real-world technology such as 3D CAD/CAM/CAE engineering design software and soon become proficient in areas such as Coding, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Analysis.

This program also aims to develop skills in problem-solving, project management, communication, presentation, teamwork, innovation, self-promotion, collaboration, marketing and entrepreneurialism – which are clearly identified as aiding in the transition through high school.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Various levels of competition

Participation Cost


At State and National competition events there are registration fees that apply for each team

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Some knowledge of engineering

Time Commitment


One off event, various levels of competition

Application Deadline

School registrations: 30 April 2020, Team registrations: 30 June 2020.

Application Process Includes

Register online via the apply button. 


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