Nov 30, 2021

Basic Coding & Data Science Institute at Georgetown University

  • Santiago Trujillo Zuluaga
  • Washington D.C.
Certification Camp Skill Building Summer Program


Section Schedule: Jun 12, 2022 to Jun 18, 2022

Introduction to Data Science Academy| Course Description

 The Introduction to Data Science Academy offers an inside look at the professional world of data science through the eyes of experts in the field. Through a combination of coding exercises, presentations from data science experts, and class discussions, you’ll be introduced to contemporary data science resources and best practices. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the processes of data collection and analysis, gain hands-on practice with statistical analysis and coding languages, and learn about the main elements of programming in Python. By the end of the program, you’ll understand key concepts like how to wrangle data, how to visualize data, how to present your conclusions, and how to arrive at those conclusions.


Please note: A computer that will access Google Drive, run Chrome browser, and run Zoom is necessary for this course. A precourse survey will be sent out and the project track will be determined by this survey.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

May 01, 2022

Age Range



How You’ll Benefit

  • Explore techniques for data collection, cleanup, analysis, and visualization

  • Learn the fundamentals of statistics

  • Listen to Data Science Ted Talks

  • Hear from guest speakers, including Georgetown faculty and technology experts

  • Understand coding languages

  • Create your own Data Science project from scratch and present it to the class

  • Identifying data sources

  • Basic statistical analysis techniques

  • Cleaning and analyzing data

  • Introduction to data visualization and how to create interactive visualizations

  • How data scientists collect data in a broad spectrum of fields

  • Presenting data analysis and interactive visualizations

  • The main elements of basic programming in Python

Participation Cost

Tuition non-credit: 1.895usd

Time Commitment

Jun 12, 2022 to Jun 18, 2022