Oct 26, 2021

UAA Academic Research Conference (UAA ARC)

  • Özge Dinç
  • Remote
Internship Competition Workshop Research Opportunity Certification Summer Program


This year, the Science, Maths and IT departments of Uskudar American Academy high school in Turkey are organizing the UAA Academic Research Conference (UAA ARC) in collaboration with us, students. UAA ARC recognizes the importance of researching, writing, and presenting a topic of interest. The conference aims to prepare attendants for college through an opportunity to acquire and improve research skills by providing them with a platform to share their ideas via writing research papers. In addition to the opportunity of exploring and learning about a field of their interests, participants will have the chance to attend panels and workshops by research assistants and professors from leading universities such as the University of Oxford. On the Event Day, all participants will receive a certificate, and the winning papers will be rewarded with prizes and will be given the opportunity of publishing their work in academic journals. For more information, you can check out our website at www.uaaarc.com !

Our awards vary from subject to subject, with the biggest prize being a chance of publication in the International Journal of High School Science without being charged with the 200$ fee. Other than this huge opportunity, participants might also be joining several summer schools, internships or laboratory work, all provided without fee by our special supporters.

You can register for the competition from our website and start working on your research papers! You can use this link directly to register for the competition! 

UAA ARC Registration Form

The deadline for registration is November 7, 2021.

If you have any questions about the conference or want to communicate with us, do so either by mail or phone. We'll be more than happy to answer all of your questions. 

Hope to see you at the conference!

General Coordinators:

Özge Dinç - odinc23@my.uaa.k12.tr / 0533 673 81 26

Güney Baver Gürbüz - ggurbuz23@my.uaa.k12.tr / 0551 591 58 21

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

November 7, 2021

Age Range


Participation Cost

There is no cost to enter the competition.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

There is no prior experience or technical skill required to enter the competition.

Application Process Includes

Fill the form only, the details for the rest of the competition will be shared with you soon after the applications close.