Oct 26, 2021

MINERVA — A Youth-led Online Political Education Platform

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Minerva is a youth-led online political education platform that aims to create better political awareness and discussion among youths around the world. We strive to push forward the notion that politics is not only for adults, but for us youths too! Our mission is to nurture a space that curates in-depth political knowledge, and explore international relations and global affairs with a critical eye. 

Minerva does not advocate for a political agenda, but rather presents a series of fact-checked, easily understandable information in order to dispel the impression of political science as “full of jargons” and “too complicated”. We believe that better judgement is created through deeper and wider information!

We are currently recruiting students aged 16 years or older to be part of our team! available positions are:

  • Content production: Generate and research on content items for Instagram posts
  • Graphic designer: Create a coherent visual brand on our Instagram and other possible extensions in the future
  • Public Outreach: Expand the team’s connection, explore possible partnerships, and overlook future recruitments

Signups are available through the link below.

You will be contacted via email for a short interview to get to know you better after your application is reviewed!


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

16 and above

Time Commitment

3-4 hours/week

  • hours may decrease as the team expands
  • timing is flexible!