Oct 22, 2021

Aspiring Journalists and Translators Wanted!

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We are looking for translators for the project MultiNews

What is MultiNews?

The spread of the internet enabled us to access information around the world... or did it? The filter bubble introduced by the personalized searches is often a topic of debate. To make it worse, users in general try to avoid or don't make effort to know different opinions or to understand different values. MultiNews will aim to make change in this situation by introducing many perspectives (news articles) from all around the world

We need you, as a contributor, to translate your country’s national or local news posts in English about a specific news topic. 

The first news topic we would like to gather and translate articles about is: The Hong Kong Protests

Specifically, volunteers will be asked to find an article about this topic from their home country then translate it. Both the original and the translated versions will be posted on the MultiNews platform. 

If interested please contact Moto at: furutamototada@gmail.com

Type of Opportunity

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