Oct 12, 2021

​​OpportuniTeens x Detester Magazine: Navigating the College Admissions Process As A POC Student

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The 2021 October 24th College Admissions as a POC Panel brings together some of the most helpful advice POC students can receive!

The online panel will be split into three parts, a presenation from a former admissions officer on tips on how to get into your dream university, a student panel from current POC students as well as a final free and interactive Q&A session, where they will be answering your most urgent questions!

On Sunday 24th October 1-2pm EDT, we will host our online panel via zoom

Some topics include:

- Lecture and Q&A session with panelists of event

- Student life and experiences as a POC student applying to university

- Going through the general admissions process as well

- Tips on writing admissions related materials + general advices!

We ask for phone numbers to let you know if there are any last-minute changes due to tech issues!

OpportuniTeens (@opportuni_teens) aims to provide teens with information regarding internships, college readiness programs, and other opportunities. These various opportunities are researched and compiled by us in hopes of helping all students to find jobs where they can develop relevant skills in their future college majors/jobs.

Detester Magazine (@detestermagazine) has a similar mission: a youth-led nonprofit platform dedicated to amplifying people of color youth activism and socio-political issues. We truly believe that art and writing are powerful mediums for change. We want to advocate issues that affect people of color communities around the globe, whether it concerns politics, society, culture, mental health, environment, and etc. We aim to push past the endless single stories to deliver a picture that expresses distilled human emotions and diverse perspectives.

Follow @opportuni_teens and @detestermagazine on instagram for high school volunteering, internship, and scholarship opportunities!

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

Remember to sign up before October 24th

Age Range

Any Ages


None (Everyone is welcomed!)

Participation Cost

It is completely free! However.. You do have to head over to our Eventbrite site and find the google form registration as well as the admission tickets! https://forms.gle/B3G9ySVeyJCC67sf6 

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

No minimum skills needed! Just bring yourselves along! 

Time Commitment

1 hr of your day to learn about the experiences of a POC student in university! 

Application Process Includes

None! Signing up will be the application process!